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Making Help Authoring a Pleasure To Do

Current Plans: Non-Scrolling Area

Another feature we are now working on is support for the non-scrolling area. The non-scrolling area is a view mode which is supported by HTML Help. It usually includes the topic title and any other quick information or links which are not scrolled together with the topic body. This is really useful for electronic help […]

Current Plans: Templates and Variables

With the release of HelpSmith 2.x we continue to receive positive feedback on the product from our customers and are currently working on the implementation of new features. The next significant enhancements will be support for Templates and Variables. With Templates, you will be able to create and change the layout of all or a […]

HelpSmith Future Plans

Since the initial release with a single help format supported, HelpSmith has become a multi-format help authoring tool with support of HTML Help (.CHM), Printed Manuals, and Web Help that can be generated from the same source help project. In our plans for the future releases is to make HelpSmith more flexible by adding such […]

Introducing Web Help

Based on the feedback we receive from our users, we’re constantly working on improving HelpSmith. Thus, HelpSmith 1.5 released a while ago introduced support for a new help format, Web Help. Web Help (or browser-based Help) allows you to easily export your help projects into a set of .HTML files that can then be published […]

HelpSmith 1.4 is Coming Soon

We’ve been working hard on a new version of our HelpSmith product. This important update will have support for video files, improved repository for the project’s media. Also, it will include fixes of different minor problems reported by our users. HelpSmith 1.4 is to be a more stable and faster version due to some new […]


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