Making Help Authoring a Pleasure to Do
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Making Help Authoring a Pleasure To Do

Built-in HTTP Server for Testing Your Web Help System

In recent HelpSmith releases we implemented a built-in web server for testing a compiled Web Help system on the local computer. A full-featured HTTP server makes it possible for you to avoid limitations that modern browsers apply to local HTML pages, so you can now fully test your Web Help system before you upload it […]

Creating ePub eBooks with HelpSmith

With the release of HelpSmith 7.1 we have added support for the ePub output format making it possible for you to create cross-platform ePub eBooks directly from your help projects. In this post we will overview the key features of the ePub format. About the ePub Format ePub is the format designed to create and […]

The new appearance for our Web Help system

As you may know, HelpSmith provides flexible possibilities to customize the appearance of a Web Help system allowing you to select one of the ready-to-use style schemes or to create your own style manually. As an example, we have created a new appearance for our own Web Help system, so it now fits to the […]

A New Website and Summer Discounts!

We have just launched a new website for HelpSmith that demonstrates the main possibilities of our help authoring tool. You can view screenshots of the product, download an evaluation copy, or contact us with any questions or suggestions by submitting a support ticket. Also, currently we have a special offer: you can purchase a full-featured […]

Testimonial Page Updated

We are glad that HelpSmith receives positive rates and feedback from our existing customers and from people who are yet in the process of evaluating different help authoring tools for their tasks. We constantly collect such testimonials while communicating with HelpSmith users and publish them, with a permission from their authors,  on our website from […]

Better UX through Better UA

The Conference for User Assistance Memphis * March 11-14 The focus of the Conference for Software User Assistance is on developing the best possible user experience for all types of software applications through well-designed interfaces and helpful and accessible support information. Featuring 35 of the top experts in the user assistance field. All the details […]

HelpSmith Updates, Tech Support, and Windows 7

Latest version updates of HelpSmith, which introduced new features and fixes to some minor issues, have actually made the product one of the most quality help authoring tools available on the market today. And this is confirmed mainly by the feedback we get from HelpSmith users everyday. We are nevertheless working hard on making the […]

HelpSmith Reviewed

Tab Hockamier has written a review of HelpSmith on his blog “Coding Tools, Reviews, and Solutions”. “Providing Help for desktop applications has been the bane of my development existence for years. I have tried building the html help files in web editors and then hooking the content in the Microsoft Html Help Workshop: what fun…” […]

Current Plans: Non-Scrolling Area

Another feature we are now working on is support for the non-scrolling area. The non-scrolling area is a view mode which is supported by HTML Help. It usually includes the topic title and any other quick information or links which are not scrolled together with the topic body. This is really useful for electronic help […]

Current Plans: Templates and Variables

With the release of HelpSmith 2.x we continue to receive positive feedback on the product from our customers and are currently working on the implementation of new features. The next significant enhancements will be support for Templates and Variables. With Templates, you will be able to create and change the layout of all or a […]