Making Help Authoring a Pleasure to Do
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Making Help Authoring a Pleasure To Do

Creating a Web Help system with HelpSmith

This 3-minute video demonstrates the process of creating a Web Help system with HelpSmith. If you need to create a help system that can be published on your web server or in your local area network, you can see that it is quite easy with HelpSmith – all you need to do is to add […]

How to Integrate HTML Help (CHM) Files with Your .NET Application

We have published a new article explaining how you can use HTML Help files with your .NET application. Although, .NET already includes support for HTML Help, we often receive questions from C# and VB.NET developers asking how to do this. You will also find a simple utility module with some additional functionality making it easier […]

Create Adobe PDF and Word RTF Documents

“As a topic-based help authoring tool with great features such as dynamic styles, HelpSmith is also useful in creation of Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) documents or Microsoft Word RTF documents…” From a new article on the HelpSmith’s website, explaining how you can use your help authoring tool to supply documentation in Adobe PDF and/or […]

Dynamic Styles

One of the most frequently requested features is the system of dynamic styles and we actually understand how such a tool can simplify working with fonts, paragraph settings, and with bulleted or numbered lists as well. Moreover, having a full-featured style system, it takes only minutes to reformat the entire help project without the necessity […]