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Making Help Authoring a Pleasure To Do

What’s New in HelpSmith 3.0

We are pleased to announce the release of HelpSmith 3.0.

New Features

– Added support for Templates allowing you to easily customize the design of all or a set of help topics of your project.
– Added support for text Variables which can be used in the HelpSmith’s word processor and in almost any other text field. You can add your own variables and their values can contain nested variables, and so on.
– Added the Non-scrolling Area feature allowing you to create permanent headers for help topics in HTML Help and Web Help systems.
– A new customizable Breadcrumbs placeholder which is replaced with the path indicating the location of the help topic in the Table of Contents.
– New Web Help features making it much easier to provide Context-Sensitive Help. Now a Web Help system created with HelpSmith includes built-in Java Scripts and allows you to use special URL parameters for calling a specific topic, etc.
– Added support for the A-Keywords feature in HTML Help.
– Hyperlinks can now use HTML Help macros such as KLink, ALink, etc.
– Added a possibility to change the picture location via the Image Properties dialog-box, which is available by double-clicking on a picture in the word processor.
– The improved “Find and Replace” tool. Now you can search topic and group titles and go to a topic by its Context or Id. These search features are also available from the Topic Browser dialog-box, making it easier to find a topic or template while working on a project.
– The core of the HelpSmith’s word processor has been significantly improved. Now it works faster on large documents due to internal optimizations, includes minor bug fixes, and is more convenient in working, as a result.
– The Media Repository window can now be displayed from the Project menu which is useful if you simply want to edit the repository, not insert a new picture to the editor.
– Added a special Rich Text Format compatibility mode, which allows you to reduce the size of RTF files created with HelpSmith.
– Improved user’s manual.


– The “Open” and “Save” commands have been moved from the “Topics” menu to the “File|Import” and “File|Export” menus respectively.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed a problem because of which the media repository could not be saved sometimes. In fact, it happened due to an internal system bug, but we could implement a workaround for this problem.
– Fixed a bug which caused an error when generating the printed manual in case when the project had bookmarks with duplicate names.
– Fixed a problem with bulleted lists using a custom image, which did not appear in the document when it is printed.
– Bulleted lists did lose their custom pictures in case when they were inserted from the Clipboard.
– A Tab Stop did lose its alignment setting when being moved on the ruler.
– The editor’s Overwrite mode now does not reset its state when you open another help topic.
– The Strikethrough attribute could not be selected for text due to an internal bug.
– The Spell Checker’s “Ignore Internet and file addresses” option did not work.
– Double-clicking on a hyperlink located in a nested table did show the “Hyperlink Properties” dialog-box more than one time.
– Other minor bug fixes made.


You can download the latest HelpSmith version using this link. If you are a registered user, click here to learn more about how you can upgrade to HelpSmith 3.0.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.