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Making Help Authoring a Pleasure To Do

HelpSmith Updates, Tech Support, and Windows 7

Latest version updates of HelpSmith, which introduced new features and fixes to some minor issues, have actually made the product one of the most quality help authoring tools available on the market today. And this is confirmed mainly by the feedback we get from HelpSmith users everyday. We are nevertheless working hard on making the product even better and also on providing quality technical support answering any questions from existing HelpSmith customers and from users who are in the process of evaluating the trial version of the product.

HelpSmith Updates

As many of you could notice, we often release new updates of the product. Such minor versions usually include small feature updates or fixes of the issues found by the users. Thus, we’ve recently fixed an unexpected problem with using transparent images, and a problem that happened if you accidentally copy/paste a multi-line text into the title field in topic properties. Also, we’ve added a new option for hyperlinks, which is useful on Web Help systems in some cases: now you can open external hyperlinks not only in the topic’s frame or in a new tab or browser window, but also on the topmost frame (that is the new page will fill the entire Web Help system’s window). There are also other improvements that have been made thanks to the feedback from our customers.

Technical Support

Providing quality support services is an important part of our work on a help authoring tool. A while back, we successfully integrated an on-line Help center with our website, which eliminates the problem of undelivered emails and also gives us the possibilities to work with user requests much more efficiently. At the same time, we are still available by email. So if you have questions regarding HelpSmith, please do not hesitate to contact us.

HelpSmith and Windows 7

In addition, we are proud that HelpSmith has successfully passed Microsoft-designed tests for the “Compatible with Windows 7” logo a while before. This proves that the product is actually designed for and works perfectly on the latest Windows version. Again, we would like to thank all of you for choosing HelpSmith as your help authoring tool and for your feedback that makes it possible for us to provide a great help authoring product used by lots of technical writers and software developers around the world!