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Making Help Authoring a Pleasure To Do

HelpSmith is a Silver Winner of the Visual Studio Magazine 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards!

This is the second consecutive year that HelpSmith has been chosen as the Silver winner in the “help authoring” category of the Visual Studio Magazine 27th annual Reader’s Choice Awards.

Silver Winner in the Help Authoring Category

The readers of the Visual Studio Magazine who voted on more than 400 products have selected the best products and services in various categories including help authoring tools, content management systems, PDF and print/preview tools, web design & development tools, project management and collaboration solutions, and components which help software architects, developers and managers accomplish their tasks in the most efficient way.

In 2021 HelpSmith has won the “Silver” award in the “help authoring” category. Similarly, last year (2020) we also received the Silver badge as a winner of the Visual Studio Magazine 26th annual Reader’s Choice Awards.

Silver Winner of the Visual Studio Magazine 2021 Reader's Choice Awards
Silver Winner of the Visual Studio Magazine 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards

Thank You for Your Support and Feedback!

We are really pleased to be among the top award recipients and would like to thank all of you for your support and feedback that allows us to develop and make the HelpSmith help authoring tool more powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use.

It should be said that based on the feedback that we get from HelpSmith users, we implemented many great capabilities including the integrated Image Tool that allows technical writers to capture screenshots and annotate images, improved PDF generation and printing capabilities, topic templates, user-defined variables, the ability to format program code with Syntax Highlighter, enhancements to the user interface, and other useful features.

Our Current Plans

Currently, we are focused on the development of new features and enhancements for new HelpSmith versions that we are planning to release this year.

In the meantime, we also work on providing technical support answering to different questions that we get from our users via email, support tickets, and also in the public HelpSmith Q&A section. Finally, to improve the quality of technical support, we plan to continue publishing solutions and step-by-step instructions that can help you with various documentation-related tasks.

Download HelpSmith

It should be noted that we have recently released HelpSmith 8.4 (Build 21.304) that includes fixes for a minor issue with topic-related variables, and another issue with importing national characters from MS Word documents written in Asian languages.

You can download the latest HelpSmith version here.