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Insert Mark of the Web Option

Recently we’ve released a minor HelpSmith update, version 3.2.1. This new version adds an option Insert Mark of the Web for Web Help systems. Some HelpSmith users complained that Internet Explorer displays a yellow Security Warning Bar when viewing a web help system that runs from the local machine, or from a remote computer in the corporate Local Area Network.

The problem occurred because Internet Explorer considers such a web help system to be located in a non-restrictive Internet Zone. According to the Microsoft’s documentation, it is recommended to insert a Mark of the Web to all web pages which will be viewed from a CD, local computer, and also for web pages that include frames, in order to map the web pages to a more restrictive Internet Zone.

The Insert Mark of the Web option in HelpSmith is turned on by default, so your users will not have to click on the warning bar in Internet Explorer every time they need to access the help system. You may leave the option checked when you upload a Web Help system to your web server: in this case the help system will always run in a restrictive Internet Zone; however, the Mark of the Web in its pages does not conflict with the official documentation either.

You can download the latest HelpSmith version by clicking this link.