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Making Help Authoring a Pleasure To Do

HelpSmith 6.1.3 is Available for Download

We have released HelpSmith 6.1.3 that allows you to edit annotation titles directly in the word processor, adds the ability to capture the mouse cursor with the Image Tool, and provides the option that you can use to control the start value for annotation numbering.

Edit Annotation Titles in the Word Processor

The new HelpSmith update allows you to edit annotation titles in the word processor, not only in the Image Tool. Thus, to update a title of an annotation, you can simply change it in the document similarly to editing the text of a description. The title will be updated in the image automatically.

Editing Title of an Annotation
Editing Title of an Annotation

Add Mouse Cursor to Captured Screenshots

The Image Tool in Helpsmith 6.1.3 now allows you to capture the mouse cursor, or load a cursor from a file. Since the mouse cursor is added as a separate element, you can easily move it for accurate positioning on the screenshot. Also, you can customize the cursor-related shadow settings such as color, opacity, and blur radius.

Control the Start Value of Annotation Numbering

If you add more than one image with annotations to a single topic, you may want to control the initial value which the annotation numbering starts from. This HelpSmith update adds the appropriate option to the Image Tool settings.

Improved Auto-alignment Functions in the Image Tool

The Distribute Horizontally and Distribute Vertically functions now work better for auto-positioning of annotation elements. In addition, you can now easily distribute selected elements and also add a desired spacing between them.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • When updating an image in the Media Repository, the size of linked images is now properly updated in the word processor.
  • The Replace from Clipboard function in the Media Repository did not convert the bitmap image to the preferred format.
  • Other improvements and minor bug fixes.

Download HelpSmith

You can download the latest HelpSmith version here.