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Making Help Authoring a Pleasure To Do

Creating ePub eBooks with HelpSmith

With the release of HelpSmith 7.1 we have added support for the ePub output format making it possible for you to create cross-platform ePub eBooks directly from your help projects. In this post we will overview the key features of the ePub format. About the ePub Format ePub is the format designed to create and […]

HelpSmith 7.1 Released. Create ePub eBooks, Split Word Documents Easily, Use Built-in Web Server to Test Web Help, and More

We are pleased to announce the release of HelpSmith 7.1 that allows you to create ePub eBooks, adds the possibility to split an imported Word document into topics by font size, provides a built-in web server to test generated Web Help systems locally, adds customizable outline levels for printed documentation, and other enhancements. Create ePub […]

How to Move or Copy an Entire Help Project

HelpSmith users often ask us how to move or copy an entire help project to another computer or storage device properly. In fact, this task is easy to do since HelpSmith stores the help project’s data in a single .HSM file and the files such as images and videos used in the help project are […]

How to Add Expanding Sections to a Help Topic

The recent release of HelpSmith 7 makes it possible for you to use custom JavaScript and CSS files, and also to edit HTML attributes of any page element in a help topic. This means that now you can implement any functionality and apply any special formatting settings in your HTML Help (CHM) and Web Help […]

HelpSmith 7.0 Released. Create a Responsive Web Help System, Use Custom JavaScript and CSS Styles, and More

We are pleased to announce the release of HelpSmith 7.0 that allows you to create a responsive Web Help system that is fully compatible with mobile devices, provides the possibility to use custom JavaScript and CSS styles in HTML Help (CHM) and Web Help systems, and also enhances Web Help’s customization possibilities. Create a Responsive […]

How to Add Facebook or Disqus Comments to Your Web Help System

If you are using HelpSmith to create your online Web Help system, you can easily provide your users with the possibility to leave their comments and thoughts on any help topic. Step 1: Create a Facebook or Disqus Account To accomplish this task, you should have or register an account on Facebook or Disqus whose […]

HelpSmith 6.4 Released. Add Navigation Links to Your Help System Easily

We have released HelpSmith 6.4 that allows you to add navigation links to your help system, provides the possibility to integrate a Web Help system into a web page by using iframe, and also includes other minor improvements. Add Navigation Links to Your Help System With HelpSmith 6.4, you can add navigation links or buttons […]

HelpSmith 6.3 Released. New Color Selector, Optimizations for Better Stability, and More

We have released HelpSmith 6.3 that includes a new color selector with the possibility to re-use recent colors and define custom colors easily, optimizations for better stability of the Import/Export engines, and other improvements. New Color Selector The new color selector introduced in HelpSmith 6.3 allows you to easily select a color from the color […]

HelpSmith 6.2 Released. Improvements to the Image Tool, Enhanced Go To Feature, and More

We have released HelpSmith 6.2 that includes a number of improvements to the Image Tool, enhanced “Go To” feature, better export of bulleted and numbered lists, and quick access to table-related functions. Improvements to the Image Tool Now you can show annotation titles only in the document, and hide the titles in the image. Added […]

HelpSmith 6.1.3 is Available for Download

We have released HelpSmith 6.1.3 that allows you to edit annotation titles directly in the word processor, adds the ability to capture the mouse cursor with the Image Tool, and provides the option that you can use to control the start value for annotation numbering. Edit Annotation Titles in the Word Processor The new HelpSmith […]