Making Help Authoring a Pleasure to Do
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Making Help Authoring a Pleasure To Do

HelpSmith 6.1 Released. Take Screenshots and Create Help for Dialogs Automatically

We are pleased to announce the release of HelpSmith 6.1. Since this version HelpSmith is available in three editions: HelpSmith Standard, HelpSmith Professional, and HelpSmith Terminal Server. Below is a quick overview of the new features available in this update. New features available in HelpSmith 6.1 Professional (and higher) edition Built-in Screenshot Tool HelpSmith 6.1 […]

Quick Overview of Conditional Compilation Capabilities in HelpSmith

If you need to generate a help file for different editions of the same product, or printed manual for different audiences of users from the same source help project, you can use the capabilities of conditional compilation that enables you to include or exclude help topics to or from a particular compilation, and also to […]

How to Get the Link to a Specific Topic in Your Web Help System

If your Web Help system includes topics on most frequent questions and issues, it can significantly save the time that you spent on providing technical support to your users. Actually, all you need to do is to provide the user with a link to a help topic that already answers a specific question. How Do […]

Why My CHM Help File is Not Displayed Correctly

When you create a CHM file or open an existing one, you may face the following issue: the HTML Help viewer correctly displays the Table of Contents, but instead of the content on the right pane you will see a message such as “Navigation to the webpage was canceled” or “This program cannot display the […]

HelpSmith 6.0 Released. Import HTML, CHM, HHP files, and MS Word Documents Easily

We are pleased to announce the release of HelpSmith 6.0. Below is a quick overview of new features and improvements made in this version. Improved Import from CHM, HTML, and HHP files (with CSS support) In HelpSmith 6.0 we have implemented the possibility to import HTML files, compiled HTML Help (CHM) files, and MS HTML […]

The new appearance for our Web Help system

As you may know, HelpSmith provides flexible possibilities to customize the appearance of a Web Help system allowing you to select one of the ready-to-use style schemes or to create your own style manually. As an example, we have created a new appearance for our own Web Help system, so it now fits to the […]

How to insert video from YouTube into a help file

If you need to insert a video clip from YouTube into your help system, you can use the HelpSmith’s possibility to insert custom HTML code in order to accomplish that task. First, you need to get the HTML code of the video from YouTube: Open your video clip on YouTube website. Right-click on the video […]

The new media repository in HelpSmith 5

With the release of HelpSmith 5, we introduced an improved approach to managing images and video files in a help project. In this post we would like to review the key benefits of a single media repository and to talk about the new possibilities that we implemented. What is media repository? HelpSmith automatically copies all […]

Video: How to create a PDF document with HelpSmith

In this video we would like to demonstrate how you can use HelpSmith to create a PDF document. In fact, the process of creating a PDF file is very similar to creating a help file: you should add topics, write content, add also link topics with some keywords to provide the Index page. Thanks to […]

What is New in HelpSmith 5.1?

We have released HelpSmith version 5.1. This minor version update includes the following improvements and problem fixes. Now it is possible to quickly add a number of “Topic Links” to the Table of Contents (TOC): The single Table of Contents introduced with HelpSmith 5.0 allows you to add links to existing topics. Such “topic links” […]